meet miss susie who

Hi all! I’m Susan Nevenhoven. On meet susie who you will learn about little pieces of me.

  • Fashion- I am an avid believer that how you look translates to how you feel.
  • Health & Fitness- I run, I bike, I like to eat well ( at least 90% of the time, I dare you to have me guard a pan of brownies!)
  • Writing & Reading- Words, especially written, have always been a big part of who I am. Just think about the power of a word…
  • Misc.- It’s a big world, so there will be numerous “bits” in between the “little pieces”.

Read on, learn a little about me and I hope even more about yourself…


P.S. I don’t get a dime for doing this blog, so all thoughts and opinions shared are my own free will. Plus I take the pictures with the occasional image upload via the net. Feel free to share but please give credit where credit is due 🙂


10 thoughts on “meet miss susie who

  1. Yes…I think you are correct about fashion…I am a young 63…and yes…I think I dress according to how I feel…and when I dress a certain way, I feel differently…I have to absorb the clothing to feel myself…when I am “obliged” to dress a certain way, I have to “live in it” for a bit before I take off and encounter the world…

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