A Christmas Moment ~ Day 23~


~One of my favorite things about Christmas is seeing the festive holiday decorations. Each year, I enjoy taking a drive around the town (where ever I may be) to take a look, and “ooh” & “ahh”. There’s just something about twinkling lights that make the season seem so magical!…What are your thoughts on holiday lights- go all out like the Griswold’s or keep it simple yet festive?~

~Enjoy. Live. Love. Laugh. Capture the Memories & Always BT2U~

A Christmas Moment ~ Day 19 {a day late…}~


~The Christmas moment for Day 19 is a day late, I know, but I can explain…I’ve been finishing up a couple of finals for classes I’m taking & I’m one of those “wait until the final hour to get the finals done kind of people.” So, this moment is a coffee cup, telling me to “Go ahead, wish,” I wish this paper would write itself…Of course, I have far more grand wishes up my sleeve, but this fits the moment… What’s your holiday wish?~

~Enjoy. Live. Love. Laugh. Capture the Memories & Always BT2U~