Coming Into Focus


I figured out something about myself today.  I probably knew this before, at some point in time, but today it came to be a personal realization.  Sometimes I need to regain or fine-tune my focus, and to do so I have to head outdoors, for at least 5 or 10 minutes just sitting within nature. I’m a runner so I usually am outside everyday and running is exhilarating and makes me feel like I can accomplish anything, but it isn’t necessarily the fast fix I need to find focus.

So today as I was getting beautified to go out and greet the world, I looked out the window saw the sun shining, breathed in the fresh air and had this thought  “that’s where I need to be…” I promptly went outside to the sun and had a moment of instant awareness. I guess I need to add that the “focus” I am speaking of is not that which is needed to finish my school work or to head online for the five minutes it takes to pay the bills (which is most certainly what I need to be doing), it’s “life focus”. Right now things in my life are so different than they were a year ago, four weeks ago, heck even one week ago. There’s so many things I want to accomplish I don’t even know where to start, you could even say that I’m afraid to start anything because what if that’s not what I should be doing.

A wonderful friend of mine and I have had many conversations about this conundrum. There are so many things we both want to see and do we just don’t know where to start or even if that’s the right direction for each of us. If someone was to give her and I the time and money, together I think we would clothe, feed, house, listen to, give an encouraging word to and hug every man, woman, child and animal that needed it, whilst creating every craft and recipe we pinned on Pinterest.

So at this moment I’m letting her, myself and all you know that it’s okay to want to try everything and help everyone, just don’t lose yourself or your focus in the mean time. Remember you’re the one that has to live with yourself every moment of every day, and you can make yourself crazy always searching, I know I do. Let us learn to let go a little, do what feels right in the moment and eventually one of those moments will turn into something bigger than we could have ever imagined!

What is it that you do to regain a “life focus”?