weekend thought…

May your soul-

Dance in the meadows of heaven;

Fly amongst the birds past the sun;

Laugh at the tickling whispers of the wind; Light up the stars that dare to fade.

You are gone from this world,

May you shine forever in His.

I wrote this for a friend that was tragically killed on this date last year. She was the second friend of mine that died on this same date. Two beautiful ladies with equally beautiful families, both tragically and unexpectedly gone from our world. July 26th, seems like just another date on the calendar. Well it’s also my birth date. Because of these losses I have learned the need to take a birthday with stride. No one truly enjoys getting older but everyone wants to get older, because well the other option…So when another birthday faces you, please reflect and say to yourself “Thank God, I’m alive and I was granted another year to enjoy this wonderful life!”

Enjoy. Live. Love. Reflect. Most of all ~BT2U!


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