Let’s PAR-TAY!


It’s a re-launching party for Miss Susie Who! Okay, not really a party-party, because I’m most likely sitting here in my p.j.’s, drinking coffee with Bailey’s or a glass of wine, as I hit the “publish” button. So, it’s kind of a one-person party over here, but if you grab a glass of “whatever’s your pleasure”, then CHEERS! Now it’s a PAR-TAY!!!

Any-hoo…Since I’m a “stay-at-home-person” for the time being, I’ve decided to take the time to work on my blog and give it the look I’ve always wanted. You’ll notice new features on the page, in the main menu (look up…not at the ceiling, silly, up at the top of the blog page), you can click on “fave blogs” and see some of the sites I visit every day, I just love these pages and hope you do too, they are full of style and class; Ta-Daa- in the sidebar, look right (nope, your other right!) under “let’s be social”, I have added several ways we can connect and be web-social. Just click on the icons to follow on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest or to shoot me an email. Plus, look for more exciting additions yet to come!

I hope you love what you see as much as I do and please connect with me any way you want by “liking”, “sharing”, “tweeting”, “pinning”, etc., etc., to let me know what you think.

 ~ Live, Laugh, Love, remember to PAR-TAY sometimes, and Always BT2U~


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