A Christmas Moment ~ Day 18~


~Unfortunately, I missed capturing a shot of the real live Santa Claus that showed up here at Barnes & Noble, but I shook his hand & I can feel the warmth of Christmas magic. So, here is a(nother) cute picture of Lucy & Dolly awaiting his arrival at the house!~

~Enjoy. Live. Love. Laugh. Capture the Memories & Always BT2U~


A Christmas Moment ~ Day 17~


~Not really a “Christmas-y” moment, but I thought I would share what I did today, which was head down to La Jolla Cove, run along the coast & seal watch. Plus, Christmas is only a week away (can you believe it?!) so it counts.~

~Enjoy. Live. Love. Laugh. Capture the Memories & Always BT2U~

Christmas Caroling

Christmas Caroling

Christmas Caroling by misssusiewho-1

Does anyone go Christmas caroling these days?  I remember heading door to door singing Christmas songs, such as “Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer” (echo… Reindeer) & “Oh Come All Ye Faithful”, a few times as a child. It was so much fun & oh so cold! The best part, besides seeing all the smiling faces, was the hot cocoa and Christmas sweets after.

~What are some of your favorite Christmas carols?~

{Enjoy. Live. Love. Laugh. Sing & Always BT2U}

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