Monday’s Perk Me Up


Take a moment to think of every single person who loves and believes in you. You know whom I’m speaking of, the ones who never doubt your strength and encourage you to reach for the stars. (go ahead, close your eyes & imagine their faces…) I bet there’s quite a few of them in your life. Now take a moment to send out joy & happiness to them, a little blessing from your heart. Lastly, and most importantly, honor the belief they have in you, today & every day, by believing in yourself even more.

~Enjoy. Live. Love. Laugh. Believe and Always BT2U.~


Love This!…Friday


I love Fridays! Who doesn’t, right? Here’s some links to things I’m loving this week,guaranteed to help you pass the time until happy hour. Enjoy!

I fell in love with all these Christmas decorations on Etsy, and I am all ready dreaming of next years tree.

♥ If you aren’t in the Christmas spirit by now this video from The Piano Guys should do the trick.

This yoga video on Runner’s World has helped me get over a minor running injury. In the spring I could barely run a mile, now I’m training for a half-marathon!

A thought to remember every single day from The Daily Love.

♥ Use this app by Sworkit, and the scale will be kind to you after the “post-holiday binge.”

♥ Remembering Nelson Mandela with his inspiring words.

What are you loving this week? Please share!

~Live, Laugh, Love, & Always BT2U~

weekend thought


” I would rather be ashes than dust! I would rather my sparks should burn out in a blaze than they should be stifled by dry rot. I would rather be a superb meteor, every atom of me in magnificent glow, than asleep and permanent as a planet. The proper function of man is to live, not to exist. I shall not waste my days trying to prolong them. I shall use my time.”~ Jack London

I just finished reading the book “Running on Empty” by Marshall Ulrich, a true story of his run across America traveling 3,063 miles in 52 days at the age of 57. Amazing huh? He uses this quote by Jack London at the end of his story to describe how he came to decide to “live every day as if it were my last.” Something I aspire to do.

In the paragraph following the above quote Marshall says this “Why do the easy expected thing? It takes guts to follow your dreams. Courage. Many people, even those who love you, don’t understand how compelling that can be, and will try to keep you in the “safety zone”. But f*#! that. Half the fun is venturing into the unknown, taking on the difficult task that yields new knowledge, doing more and testing your limits.”

I recommend anyone in need of an inspiring story of courage and strength to read “Running on Empty”, but if it is not your “cup o’ tea” just take away this little tidbit~ Live with fire! Have the courage to follow dreams. Just imagine how they can grow into realities even greater! You will have supporters and opponents, but ultimately the one person you can count on to make those dreams become your reality: You.

~As always- Enjoy.Live.Love.Imagine.Most of all BT2U.