Monday’s Perk Me Up {late edition}

A little late on today’s edition of “Monday’s Perk Me Up”, sorry about that. I guess I haven’t been feeling my perkiest self lately and had a difficult time coming up with the words to begin this week out on a positive note.  So, I turned to my Pinterest board titled “I Believe” (handy little invention, that Pinterest, isn’t it!) for some wise words to share with you.  When I’m feeling hum-drum, I try to focus on all that’s good in my life and be grateful for what I have instead of my have-nots.  Today & every day I am so very grateful for all who love and support me unconditionally. I feel blessed that I and each of my loved ones awoke to greet this beautiful day…Thank you!

What are you feeling grateful for?

{Enjoy. Live. Love. Laugh. Be grateful & Always BT2U}


Monday’s Perk Me Up


Take a moment to think of every single person who loves and believes in you. You know whom I’m speaking of, the ones who never doubt your strength and encourage you to reach for the stars. (go ahead, close your eyes & imagine their faces…) I bet there’s quite a few of them in your life. Now take a moment to send out joy & happiness to them, a little blessing from your heart. Lastly, and most importantly, honor the belief they have in you, today & every day, by believing in yourself even more.

~Enjoy. Live. Love. Laugh. Believe and Always BT2U.~