weekend wandering: Minnehaha Park

When did you go: Friday, July 19th

Where did you go: Minnehaha Park, Minneapolis

What were you up to: hiking and relaxing in a piece of heaven amidst the big city.

How far did you drive: 47 miles


Toes in the sand


Minnehaha Falls- breathtaking!

This weekend’s adventure took us to Minnehaha Park located in Minneapolis along the Mississippi River.  What a wonderful time it was! It was the perfect day out, warm but not humid like it had been for the entire week. Even though the park was bustling with people it was still relaxing and peaceful.  We took plenty of pictures, went on a leisurely hike, laughed and ended the hike with a refreshing IPA from Rush River Brewing Co., wh0 had a keg trailer set up outside the park restaurant Sea Salt Eatery.


We did not eat at the Sea Salt Eatery in the park but instead chose to find the Birchwood Cafe for a late lunch/ early dinner. What a treat it was! Birchwood, located in a quaint neighborhood, utilizes local farmers and fresh products to make their tasty menu items. I opted for the delectable Tour de France turkey burger which was topped with prosciutto (really the prosciutto sold me on this~ i literally can’t pass it up!), grape-rosemary salsa, blue cheese walnut spread, garlic scape mayo and micro greens atop a buttermilk bun. I’m not sure I can even find the words to describe how yummy this was. Not being a food critic, I know I can’t, so I will just stick with “yummy, yummy, yummy”! Trust me Birchwood Cafe is a must-try.


View from our patio dining table- bikes!

Right in front of the Birchwood Cafe is one of Minneapolis’s Nice Ride bike share stations. Located around the city -in neighborhoods, the college campus area and in the heart of downtown- are stations where one can rent a bicycle to use as a mode of transportation or just to hit the trails. All you need to do is pay a small fee to unlock the bike from its solar powered station and enjoy the ride!